Winnie's Catering can help with your graduation party catering.

Graduation Party Planning

With no shortage of colleges and universities in Philly, spring is a busy time for graduations and graduation parties. Let Winnie’s Catering help you make the grade with easy, fun, and flavorful catering for your graduation party.

Our catering experts share some tips for making sure you have a relaxing and celebratory party.

Give people plenty of ways to RSVP

Planning for an unknown number of guests can be stressful. Do you have enough food or will you be eating mini-meatballs for a month? Give your invitees plenty of ways to RSVP so you can get an accurate count. Create a Facebook event, send an Evite, and give people a phone number or email they can use to respond. Don’t feel like you’re bugging people if you send reminders;  people know you’re just trying to plan for everyone to have a great time.

Keep it simple

Most graduation parties are a mix of friends and family, kids and adults. Keep the food simple and easy so it’s quick to serve and enjoy. There’s always some guests who have multiple parties to attend so having food that can stay warm or cold for awhile and is easy to grab keeps everyone fed. Consider a combination of hot and cold platters – pulled pork or hot roast beef sandwiches and undressed gourmet salads with a variety of traditional sides. Pasta dishes are an easy way to satisfy vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Cover Up

Renting a tent, tables and chairs might add to your budget but you’ll be safe and dry if the weather turns wet and not worried if Aunt Margaret can get out of that beach chair at the end of the day.

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Winnie’s Catering staff can help you find the perfect menu for your graduation party, call us today at (215) 487-2663. Our Catering Menu is online to help you start planning.