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Online Ordering and Curbside Pick-Up in Manayunk

At Winnie’s Restaurant in Manayunk, we understand that your time is precious, but no one should have to sacrifice a great meal despite having a busy schedule. This is why we have decided to offer online ordering and curbside pick-up. With just a few steps on our user-friendly website, you’ll be eating your favorite Winnie’s dish and still have plenty of time to tackle the rest of your day. 


Online ordering and curbside pick-up are a benefit to you for many reasons. We all might have gotten accustomed to contactless ordering during the coronavirus pandemic, but curbside pick-up was becoming a popular trend even before that.


Keep reading for a few reasons why Winnie’s Manayunk is proud to offer our valued customers curbside pick-up through our online ordering.


1. It saves you time.


Using our website, our customers can peruse our menus at their convenience. Whether you pick a tried and true fan favorite for lunch like the Winnie’s Avocado Club sandwich, or you want to branch out and try an entree on special like our Paella Español, the possibilities are endless, and we are ready to prepare your meal whenever you are.


Ordering ahead and paying through your mobile device or computer means you spend less time waiting, and we love that. You’ll no longer have to wait for a table, wait for your food, wait to pay or even wait to park. Simply order online, pay ahead and then drive to Winnie’s in Manayunk and we will have figured out the rest. 


2. It’ll cut down on stress.


We can all relate to enjoying the joys of eating in the comfort of your home, but sometimes the stress of cooking can take a toll on that experience. When you allow Winnie’s to cater your next at-home meal, you can forget about the cooking and cleaning and have a more relaxing meal. 


3. It’s a healthy alternative.


Additionally, whether you have company over for a special occasion, a few friends binge-watching your favorite show, or are in a rush on your lunch break but still want a healthy, freshly made-from-scratch meal, this is the perfect time to order online! We make healthy and satisfying meals that you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering. 


Some of our favorite green options are the Brown Rice Nut Salad which is chock full of nutrients and a variety of vegetables with broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, onion, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, raisins, feta cheese, hummus, and tahini dressing. Another smart choice perfect for lunch or dinner would be our Stuffed Bell Pepper with jasmine rice, broccoli, zucchini, fresh spinach, mozzarella, and marinara available on our All-Day menu. 


Why Choose Winnie’s Manayunk? 

Next time you’re in a crunch for time but still want a made-from-scratch and deliciously satisfying meal, order online and curbside pick-up from us here at Winnie’s Manayunk. We know you’ll love saving time and our variety of healthy options for everyone.

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